Disable, Stop or Uninstall Apport Error Reporting

Ubuntu 12.04 is the first release of Ubuntu that ships with Apport Error Reporting enabled by default, and as a result, you may get a large quantity of Internal System Error pop-ups inside Ubuntu. Apport is an Error Reporting Service provided by Ubuntu to intercept and analyse crashes and bugs as and when they occur. Crashes and Bugs may sound like bad things, but actually most operating systems will have several a day.

Apport can usually be safely disabled, as it doesn’t fix anything, it just tells developers that something went wrong.

Stop Apport
~# sudo service apport stop

Unless you remove it or disable it at boot it will start again the next time you turn on your computer

Disable Apport at boot
~# sudo nano /etc/default/apport

Change the line that says enabled=1 to enabled=0 to disable Apport. To re-enable, change it back

Uninstall Apport
~# sudo apt-get purge apport

You could remove using the Ubuntu Software Centre, search for Apport, and click Remove


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