How to setup software RAID 1 in Debian/Ubuntu

When getting to the partitioning disk section of the OS installation you will need to select:

  • Manual” under the Partitioning Method
  • On the next screen make sure both disks are visible and select the first disk and press Enter
  • A message may pop up warning you that you are about to create a new partition that will destroy any existing partition. Choose “Yes” to proceed.
  • You will notice that it will create a new partition at the bottom of the hard disk. Choose the new partition and hit Enter
  • Select the Create New Partition
  • When creating the partition for boot, just type 700MB or 1GB in the line depending on which server.
  • Choose “Primary” and press enter then “Beginning” and press Enter
  • On the next screen, select “Use As” and hit Enter
  • Choose the “Physical Volume For RAID” option
  • Make sure that the Bootable Flag is tuned On
  • Choose “Done Setting Up The Partition” to save the new partition
  • You will be taken back to the first screen. Next step is to choose the next free space and hit Enter
  • You will do the same as above but this is for swap so assign 1.5 x RAM in server
  • Then the left over space do the same and this is for the root partition
  • Now moving on to the second hard disk for the partitioning. Hit Enter and do the same partitioning with the 2nd hard disk to look like the first
  • After the 2nd hard disk has been partitioned, the overall partition configuration will be completed. So now move the selector to “Configure Software RAID” and hit Enter
  • Select “Yes” to accept the new partition changes
  • Now we will group the RAID hard disk. Select the “Create MD Device” option
  • Choose “RAID1
  • Leave the default number 2 for the number of RAID devices and select “Continue
  • On the next screen leave it as zero and select “Continue
  • Now select the SDA1 and SDB1 as we are creating the RAID for /boot
  • When it has been done, choose “Finish” to save the new RAID partition
  • Do the same for swap but select SDA2 and SDB2
  • Do the same for root but select SDA3 and SDB3
  • The initial software RAID is completed what’s left is to assign each RAID partition its role. Now select the RAID partition Device #0 for /boot setup
  • Choose the “Use As” and hit Enter
  • Choose the EXT3 Journaling File System (or EXT4 for Ubuntu) and hit Enter
  • Move the selector to the Mount Point: and hit Enter
  • Now select the /boot and hit Enter
  • Select the “Done Setting Up The Partition” to complete the /boot partition setup
  • Do the same for the swap and root paritions
  • Finally select the “Done Setting Up the Partition” to complete the procedure
  • The final partition should be like the picture below.
  • Once confirmed, move the selector to the “Finish Partitioning And Write Changes To Disk” and hit enter